A plugin for Notepad++

It allows you to filter a text for a search string :


- Display searchresult in new NPP window

- Display linenr of original text

- Hits can be highlighted

- Display  lines before and after a hit

- Perl compatible regular expressions ( )


A simple example:


This is the text:


You filter for the word "duo"


This will be the result:


Another example:

Search pfirewall.log for all occurences of  drop OR tcp  using a regular expression:


Another example:

Search pfirewall.log for lines containing IP-Numbers using a regular expression:


You can use regular expressions to search for patterns in a, phone-numbers etc..




1.0    released 2013-04-04

1.1    released 2013-06-02    minor fixes


Known issues:

Doesn’t work correctly with 2nd view/instance




But if you think this plugin is useful to you please 







Copy the .DLL to your Notepad++ plugin-folder


This plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY


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