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What are the XClasses ?

The xClasses are a collection of 9 REALBasic classes that allow you to access serveral systeminformations that usually are only available when using WMI.

The xClasses allow you to retrieve:


In the REALBasic IDE it will look like this:

Sample code:


//display the IP Number of your PC

dim myIPconfig as new xIPConfig

MsgBox myIPconfig.IPAddress


//display some CPU informations - add this code to a timer event for repeated updates

dim CR as string = chr (13) + chr (10)
dim myCPU as new xCPU

// (1) ********* update Display CPU Data in a textbox :
txtDispayResultCPU.text =_
txtDispayResultCPU.text + _
"Timestamp = " + myCPU.Timestamp + " " + _
"CPU Load = " + str ( myCPU.Load ) + " %" + CR

// (2) ********* update Progressbar with current CPU load
ProgressBar1.Value = myCPU.Load

// (3) ********* Display clock speed etc.
txtClockspeed.text = str ( myCPU.Clockspeed ) + " MHz"
txtManufacturer.text = myCPU.Manufacturer
txtName.text = mycpu.Name
txtVersion.text = myCPU.Version
txtNumberOfCPUs.text = str (myCPU.NumberCPU)

// (4) ********* Update Display available physical memory and computer uptime
dim mySystem as new xSystem
dim iMem as uint64 = mySystem.memoryPhysicalAvailable
dim iUptime as integer = mySystem.Uptime

txtMemory.text = str (iMem) + " KB"
txtUptime.text = str (iUptime) + " Minutes"
txtLastBootTime.text =left ( mySystem.LastBootTime,4) + "-" + _
mid (mySystem.LastBootTime,5,2) + "-" + _
mid (mySystem.LastBootTime,7,2) + " " + _
mid (mySystem.LastBootTime,9,2) + ":" + _
mid (mySystem.LastBootTime,11,2) + ":" + _
mid (mySystem.LastBootTime,13,2)


The above sample code will create the following output :

Screenshot taken from the Demo-App that comes with download



//Display a list of all services in a sortable\scrollable listbox

dim myServices as new xServices
dim myServicesCollection() as xServices

myServicesCollection = myServices.enumServices()

msgbox "Number of services=" + str (myServices.Listcount)

myServices.DisplayInListbox ListBox1,true

The above sample code will create the following output :

Screenshot taken from the Demo-App that comes with download


Screenshot of the Demo-Project that comes with the download :



Download the xclasses  including a demo-project.

Download xClasses v 1.3

After the download has finished you can start the REALBasic Demo-Project.



When you distribute a project (.exe) that uses the xClasses you must copy the collector.exe to the same directory where your .exe resides



The xclasses will run under Windows only and have been tested with Windows 2000 Server and Professionell, XP and Windows 2003 using RB 2007 - 2009



To use the classes in your own RB project import (or drag) the classes (.rbo) from the \classes directory in your project



If you buy a licence of the xClasses you will receive:



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